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White Fillings services offered in Miami, FL

White fillings, also known as composite fillings, blend right in with your natural tooth color to give you a uniform smile. At Doral Dental Boutique & Spa, the office of Evelyn Estefan, DDS, in Miami, Florida, you can choose white fillings instead of metal options. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about your filling options, or use the online booking tool.

White Fillings Q & A

What are white fillings?

Dr. Estefan uses fillings when a cavity has started to decay a tooth. She removes all traces of decay and “fills” it in, so you maintain the tooth’s integrity.

Traditionally, fillings were made from silver or gold metals. But these cause unsightly dark spots in your smile. White fillings aren’t truly “white;” they’re tooth-colored to match your smile. They’re composed of tooth-colored plastic and glass. 

Who should get white fillings?

You may choose white fillings to replace areas of decay or to bond chipped areas to improve the appearance of a tooth. For example, Dr. Estefan recommends white fillings to:

  • Change the color, shape, and size of a tooth
  • Fix a broken tooth nearly invisibly
  • Close spaces between the front teeth

Because white fillings look and act like your natural teeth, you’ll have the confidence to smile, talk, and eat normally.

What are the benefits of white fillings?

White fillings match your natural tooth color. Dr. Estefan bonds white fillings directly to the tooth, which makes the tooth stronger than it would be with an amalgam (metal) filling. This means your tooth is better able to resist breaking, chips, and cracks. 

White fillings also mean you endure less drilling to make space for the restoration. The composite material of a white filling fits more naturally into your tooth space, unlike metal fillings, which need more room to sit securely. 

What is it like to get a white filling?

Your entire appointment lasts about one hour. Dr. Estefan begins by numbing the treatment area and cleaning the affected tooth of all traces of decay. She layers on the composite filling material, shining a special light to harden the material at each step. Once the filling is complete, she shapes the filling to fit your bite. 

How do I care for a white filling?

You care for a white filling just as you would any of your natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and biannual professional cleanings and check-ups are important. 

A white filling is vulnerable to discoloration from foods and beverages, especially coffee and red wine. If you’re concerned about possible discoloration, Dr. Estefan can place a clear plastic coating over the composite to preserve its shade.

To get started with a white filling, call Doral Dental Boutique and Spa to set up your appointment today, or use the online tool to book. .